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Help and Assistance for Current Rattlers!

It is said that the average student runs out of money for college at the beginning of their first semester of their Junior year of college. Whether you are at this point or struggled from the beginning as alumni we want to do our part to assist you. We will work close with the university to make sure that we follow proper procedures and accountability. If you are a current student and need assistance let us know: 

We are not allowed by law to promise scholarships or amounts of scholarships. 

What do you need:



I need assistance to stay in school 


*with tuition/ college related cost

Student loan relief

Help with your FAFSA

*College Care Package -We have all been to college and sometimes things get a little rough with food or other necessities. We send gift cards to students in need. Only while funds are available and must prove that you are a current FAMU student.

Thanks! Message sent.

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