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Terms of Use

This is the website of the (RATTLER STRIKE) and is subject to the Terms for Use included herein. Compliance to these Terms of Use is required for continuation of service to the User.

This website in its entirety is copyrighted by the (Rattler Strike) and all rights and privileges are exclusively reserved.


Copyright @2014-2017, Tallahassee, FL 32307 888-900-8958,  AVP/CIO, Custodian of Records. RATTLER STRIKE Public Affairs Office, P. O. Box 77584 Atlanta, Georgia 30357.  All rights reserved unless specifically stated otherwise. Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved. This entire website and contents are copyrighted by Featured content from third parties remain their property and appear under license and/or permission by the author or third party representative. Pursuant to Title 17, United States Code, Section 512(c)(2), notifications of claimed copyright infringement should be sent to Designated Agent and/or Custodian of Records representative noticed herein.

RATTLER STRIKE offers this website in the form of services to all users, and under certain conditions potential restrictive user classes. There may fee-free sections and fee-based sections within this website. Fee-based Subscriptions to RATTLER STRIKE website sections may provides access to additional content and services. Portions of this website are fee-based and as such, require compensation for usage. Discounts and special offers to users will be appropriately available.


RATTLER STRIKE, at all times within this website, reserves the right to disclose any information or user account information as RATTLER STRIKE deems necessary in compliance to any applicable law, regulation, legal or governmental request, or to edit, refuse to post or to remove any information, content, download files, or other material, in whole or in part, as Rattler Strike sees fit, solely at RATTLER STRIKE'S discretion.


This website contains open areas that are subject to rules of reasonable conduct. RATTLER STRIKE reserves the right to monitor all areas of this website for compliance. Non-compliance by users will be strict and violations will be restrictive in nature up to and including service ceasement and disbarment from this website and related areas. This website may contain the following areas, but not limited to: web pages, seminar areas, learning centers, forums, chat rooms, news groups, news posting areas, storage areas, private email areas, or other communications facilities.


This website contains restricted sections for the use of Fee-based Users only. As such, restrictive passwords are required for access. RATTLER STRIKE will not be liable of any unauthorized use of this entire website or other breach of security. The User will be solely liable for their actions and activities that occur under the User account. Users will be assigned an access account password if required, and you will be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password and account information. Users will notify RATTLER STRIKE immediately of any unauthorized use or breach of your account. Service and other fees will be charged to your account at the User’s request for fee-based services Payment for services received by the User will be due and collectable on demand.


RATTLER STRIKE claims ownership to all content and materials that RATTLER STRIKE develops internally or by contract externally. Any content or materials that the User posts remains your property or other third-party creator if you are not the original creator. All content and materials from Users are considered submissions and as such, you grant RATTLER STRIKE an unlimited fee-free use license of same. RATTLER STRIKE is not required to compensate the User or third-party entity under any conditions. By submitting any content or material to RATTLER STRIKE for use on this website or within other RATTLER STRIKE resources, the User releases any and all claims and liabilities other than those copyrights herein noticed to RATTLER STRIKE prior to the content or material usage by RATTLER STRIKE.

Any links to third-party websites or web pages are provided as a navigational convenience to our Users. By using these links, you will navigate off of the RATTLER STRIKE website and your User experience will substantially be altered. RATTLER STRIKE does not control nor is responsible for any content on a third-party websites or web pages. RATTLER STRIKE does not endorse nor provide any warranties of operation or representations of the content within third-party websites or web pages. Your navigation and User experience is at your own risk.


Linking to any specific RATTLER STRIKE web page or the RATTLER STRIKE website must be in accordance with the terms and conditions within the Requirements for Linking to RATTLER STRIKE Websites and in accordance with all applicable State of Florida Laws and Federal Laws and Regulations.

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