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FAMU continues to be one of the most sought after colleges in the country. Even in a day when many HBCU's are lowing their standards for admissions in hope to boost higher admission enrollments, FAMU continues to hold to high academic standards and continue to be one of the largest HBCU's in the country. Rattler Strike first priority is to present FAMU to the thousands of students that desire to attend FAMU and assist them with what FAMU requires for them to be accepted into the university. (Goal by 3/30/20 -1550 schools visited)

Students at FAMU are some of the most innovative and productive college graduates in the world. Many corporate positions are filled by students who graduated from FAMU. FAMU is the only state-supported public, HBCU in Florida. FAMU used to be well known for accepting many of the students throughout Florida who for one reason or another were not accepted by many of the popular PWI colleges in Florida. Through the education and experience obtained at FAMU, many of these students went on to become some of the nation's greatest leaders. Due to many mandates from Federal and State influences, FAMU continues to adjust to meet many expectations placed on the university to compete at the academic level of some Ivy League schools while receiving traditional HBCU funding. The second mission of Rattler Strike is to recruit thousands of outstanding students that desire to attend FAMU. We will focus on preparation, resources, and funding for all of our current and future students!! (Goal by 9/30/20 -7000 students recruited)

ALUMNI and Friends We Heard YOU!! Many of you said that you wanted to have more access to what is going on at FAMU and you wanted to see more recruitment for FAMU. You also wanted more exposure for our beloved FAMU and to see more involvement, comradery and activities for family and friends. The third goal of Rattler Strike will be to see that more of our alumni have a voice and to see that all of these areas are addressed to meet the expectations of FAMU graduates. Some of the benefits of Rattler Strike members will include college preparation, resources, and scholarships for their own children, invites to monthly RATTLER STRIKE call, membership card, invitations to recruitment events and an invite to our annual Rattler Strike cruise.


Listen... do you hear it? Rattlers are inviting you to STRIKE STRIKE and STRIKE AGAIN!!! (Goal by 10/31/20 - 1500 alumni Rattlers Striking together to accomplish these 3 main goals)



Memorial Scholarship Page to honor fallen Rattlers.

Alumni and Student Highlight Page

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