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Our Goal is to award over 2,000 scholarships to current 12th graders and over 700 scholarships to current students at FAMU! 

Who can apply? 


Those that are members of Rattler Strike, their children, or current FAMU students. 


How do you apply? 


If you are a current member of Rattler Strike simply call

 (888) 900-8958 and state your request to a Rattler Strike scholarship representative (Leave a message) or make your request on the CONTACT US link (Form). 


If you are a current student use the CONTACT US link (Form) 


If you desire to become a member of Rattler Strike go to the MEMBERSHIP Link and follow the instructions


If you are currently in high school, transfer student or returning to college after some time you must complete this 


Since deadlines vary based on scholarships govern yourself according to the scholarship that you are applying for. 


All applications will be reviewed by our scholarship committee of FAMU Alumni. They will be looking at when you applied, how well you followed our request to submit the given scholarship application and did you meet the scholarship guidelines.


There will be three waves of scholarships-Priority wave scholarships will award the most scholarships and higher amounts (up to $80,000) of scholarships (from August- November) The second wave of (up to $50,000)scholarships (from December -March) and the last wave of (up to $20,000) of scholarships. 







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