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FAMU Admissions Assistance Page

For over 100 years FAMU took in students that were considered by some in society to be just black, hard, cold and undesirable. With FAMU's motto of "Excellence with caring" many of these students went on to become teachers, doctors, musicians,business owners politicians, activist, etc. Underneath everything

that society did to undermine or underestimate these students FAMU produced many diamonds that went out into the world.

Today FAMU faces more challenges than ever to keep producing diamonds.There is the emphasis to compete with Ivy league schools (with their high academic standards)  while  continuing to be a university that provide a quality education to all students no matter what their social, economic or ethnic background may be.

How may we assist you with your journey to FAMU?

 Who We Are and What Do We Actually Assist You With

We are graduates of Florida A & M University and members of We are coming together all over the country to assist families/students who have a desire to attend FAMU. We believe as alumni that we have an awesome responsibility to give back and assist our beloved FAMU as much as possible. We work along side the university to provide you with the most available information and resources. 

We assist with:

  • Coming to your school or church to provide information about FAMU

  • Answering questions about FAMU regarding admissions requirements and other related subjects

  • Helping families with college preparation information to plan early to attend college (FAMU)

  • Scholarship sources

  • Promoting FAMU at various college fairs and events

  • Parent/ Student receptions (for future students)

  • Standardize test training assistance for students that desire to prepare for merit scholarships or other larger scholarships

  • Students that may have been denied admittance into FAMU (Memorandum of Understanding Program)

  • Proving funding/ scholarships for current students at FAMU that maybe experiencing an economic hardship

  • ...and more!!!

*in order for someone to speak to you from you must complete the form below.

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